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CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for making payment , I know you must be excited to take your first steps towards losing those pounds . Take a deep breath for all is revealed .  

No matter how skeptical you maybe of this system try it for 30 complete days and you judge for yourself . Follow every instruction as it is and you will have results .

First you should decide how much you should eat each day

Are you : a small built man or a woman who excercises, or a small meduim woman who wants to lose weight or a meduim woman who does not excercise much THEN you are allowed 1250 - 1600 calories per day . This comprises of 6 starches plus 3 vegetables plus 2 fruits plus two milk and yoghurt plus 2 meat or meat substitutes and up to 3 fats a day .


Are you : a women who wants to lose weight or a small man at a health weight or a meduim man that does not excercise or a large man who wants to lose weight THEN you are allowed 1600 - 2050 calories per day . This comprises of 8 starches plus 4 vegetables plus 3 fruits plus 2 milk and yoghurt plus 2 meat or meat substitutes and up to 4 fats a day .


Are you : a meduim to large man who excercises a lot or a large man with a healthy weight or a large women who is trying to lose weight and excercises a lot THEN you are allowed 2000 - 2450 calories per day . This comprises of 10 - 11 starches plus 4 vegetables plus 3 fruits plus two milk and yoghurt plus 2 meat or meat substitutes and up to 5 fats .


Example of serving fats - this is equivalent to one strip of bacon or one teaspoon of oil and one serving of sweets is equal to one cookie or a plain doughnut or a tablespoon of syrup.

Example of serving milk is equivalent to a cup of fat free or low fat yoghurt or one cup skimmed or low fat milk .

Example of serving vegetables is equivalent to half cup cooked carrots or half a cup cooked green beans or a cup of salad .

Example of serving starches is equivalent to a slice of bread or one small potato or half a cup cooked cereal or a small corn .

Example of serving meat is equivalent to 60 -90 grams cooked lean meat , chicken or fish the size of your palm { size of the deck of cards }or an egg or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter .

Example of serving fruit  is equivalent to a small apple or half a cup of juice or half a grapefruit.




You have a choice to increase your weight loss by choosing an excercise that you would like to do and keep up with it . Whether it is running for five minutes or jogging , no matter what it is , I leave that up to you , this will speed up your results in losing weight .



These items should be purchased from your local grocer or the fruit and vegtable market .

a packet of green apples- not the red or half green , must be green.

a litre of lactose intolerance yoghurt, the sugar free yoghurt, it has no sugar contents , it tastes sour and it is low fat .

cereal of your choice - mainly cereal with a variety of brands



If you are skeptical right now don't be, this works for everyone and this is simple which will get you results . Once you have all these ingredints at hand , this is what the slim line programme is all about . 


There is a saying , you are what you eat , this is very true , as from now you are not on a diet , diet is a system that deprives the body from its cravings , whereas the slim line programme is a eating plan.

BREAKFAST - always eat light , cereal is a great way to start your day . You can have tuna with chopped onions and tomatoe .For you to get results stick with cereal . Don't eat chips or snack on cookies , there is a time for that , if you want result please follow this .  

LUNCH - you can have sandwiches , anything that you like , but the fat content should be cut down . I suggest from a cheese sandwich to chicken or turkey .

DINNER - you are allowed to have your red meats, fish or chicken. Dinner is the only meal that you can spoil yourself  but make sure the meat is lean .

You have noticed that I have been general about your breakfast lunch and dinner, the reason is , as long as you stick to these guidelines you will have results .  Your breakfast and lunch should be light .

Every morning and afternnon after breakfast and dinner you must cut one or two green apples, chop and dice them  and add three tablespoons of the lactose intolerance yoghurt . This should be eaten twice a day and if you ever have a craving , then you should have an apple with yoghurt , this eliminates your cravings.

SNACKTIME - you are allowed two cookie per day or one doughnut , only have that one if you crave it , dont make a habit to have it everyday . All you are doing is changing your eating plan . The very first day you will feel a difference of upliftment .


WELL, this is it , the slim line programme , try this system for a full 30 days and you will have results . Only eat your required amount . Drink lots of water which gets you through the day .

I would like to know your sucess story so feel free to email me

Your success lies within you



Thank you for purchasing this system , some of our proceed goes for research in the health industry .


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